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I hereby confirm that my vehicle is roadworthy, registered and I maintain at least third party insurance coverage prior to attending any club trips

I acknowledge I have been made aware of the Outback 4WD Club rules and agree to abide by these rules on all functions/trips including following the reasonable directions of the trip leader. Additional to this, I acknowledge I am responsible for the passengers/additional people that accompany me on a trip/function

I accept that driving off road can be unpredictable, and that situations may arise where the direction of others may be required to negotiate or traverse an area. I understand that the people directing me may not have considered all aspects of the advice they provide and I agree to be responsible for the advice I choose to follow. In the event of my vehicle/passengers/equipment/self coming to harm/injury/death, I do not hold the Outback 4WD Club, it's committee, trip leaders responsible for said harm/injury/death

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• The applicant grants permission to the Outback 4WD Club Inc. to print details of my name, email address, phone number and if applicable any office I hold within the Outback 4WD Club Inc.
• I understand these details will be included on a membership list.
• The Executive and Committee will use membership lists for mail-outs and other club business.
• Memberships lists may be printed and distributed, or emailed to all members, or sponsors, where it is considered
appropriate by the committee.
• I acknowledge that the committee will take every precaution to ensure the security of my information.
• I accept that the club has no control over what happens to a membership list that may fall into the hands of a non-

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The Outback 4WD Club Inc. recommends all our Committee and Trip Leaders hold a current Ochre Card.