Sunday Lunch at Ooraminna Station and Sand Dune Experience

Sun, 11 Aug 2019
from 11:15am to 4:30pm

by Bernhard Kuepper
Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago by Bernhard Kuepper
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Time zone: Darwin
Reminder: 1 day before
Ends: 04:30pm (duration is about 5 hours)

Trip Leader: Angelique Tassios (0488553155)
11:15am meet across from Hevitree servo
11:30am we will depart
We will drive south on to Maryvale road. Once on the dirt we can stop to air down.
We then continue on Maryvale Rd for 24km to the Ooramina station turn off.
We will then enter the Ooramina property and drive down the access road ‘till we get to the carpark.
Once we get parked up we will head in and pay. That’s the hard bit done and we can settle in for lunch.
I will be making the reservation so will need to know numbers by Wednesday 07.08.19
Cost will be $25 for lunch plus your drink costs
After lunch we can have a look around the property.
After our wonder around you can choose to drive back to town or go and have a play in the dunes.



Maryvale Road


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