Desert challenge

Sat, 19 Jan 2019
from 5:00pm to 8:30pm

by Kirsten Johnston
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Time zone: Darwin
Reminder: 1 hour before
Ends: 08:30pm (duration is about 4 hours)

Need definite numbers for this one, so if you RSVP please turn up! Basically the name of the game is to complete as many tasks as you can in order to earn points for your team to win.

Depending on numbers, vehicles will be paired up and you will have a list of tasks to complete. Note, this is not a time competition or a race – please do not speed, or drink and drive, and ensure you complete the tasks with safety in mind. Photographic and/or video evidence of each task is required to validate it. The task master is Kirsten Johnston who will have the final say on the winner.

Meet at the Ghan pans at 5pm to be placed into teams. Here you will be briefed and provided with the list of tasks (you will all have the same list). You will have three hours to complete as many as you can to earn the most points. You do not have to complete ALL the tasks – again, this is a points game – so if you are uncomfortable with a particular task, just skip it!

Please ensure you have plenty of water and fuel, as some of the tasks may require you to drive a distance to earn extra points. You will require a UHF and a phone with camera/video function – remember, if you don’t have evidence of completing the task, it doesn’t count!

Be back at the Ghan Pans at 8.30pm for Kirsten to view evidence and declare the winner! This is a fun event – there will not be a prize, however, winners will have bragging rights at the next General Meeting :D


Ghan Pans


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