Crossing of the Simpson Desert

from 10:00am Thu, 21 Mar 2019
to 2:00am Thu, 4 Apr 2019

by Bernhard Kuepper
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Ends: 2:00am Thursday 04 April 2019 (duration is 14 days)

Trip Leader Bernhard Kuepper
Due to permits needed to be obtained the trip has now been closed for further members to attend.
Trip plan outline:
Travel on direct route to Mt Dare and stay one night. Refuel the next morning to enter the Simpson Desert towards the French line. Make slow progress towards Birdsville with the idea to spent 4 nights in the desert. Depending on the conditions found we will take a sweep South on the Rig Line. Closer to Birdsville we will have to assess the water and road conditions and either continue to Birdsville, turn around or run North on the Hay River Track. Changes from the direct route will be communicated via Sat communication with Ground Charlie.
After our turning point we want to return on the Madigan Line.
We intend to be back in Alice Springs on Thursday, 4th April.
Recovery Plan for the desert comprises of contacting Mt dare or Birdsville depending on location and track conditions for assistance.
Each vehicle will be self sufficient. Separate Diesel canisters will be carried for redundancy.
100l of drinking water per vehicle plus non perishable food for 10 days per vehicle are recommended.


Simpson Desert


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