Proposed trip to Boggy Hole

Sun, 14 Oct 2018
from 8:30am to 7:00pm

by Bernhard Kuepper
Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 4 months ago by Bernhard Kuepper
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Time zone: Darwin
Reminder: None
Ends: 07:00pm (duration is about 11 hours)

Proposed Boggy Hole Trip (dependant on numbers)
Sunday 14/10

Meet Flynn’s Grave 8:30
Travel to Boggy Hole turn off near Hermisburg. Then south through Boggy hole for a lunch stop somewhere around boggy hole. Check out old police station ruins etc. Through to running waters and out the southern end onto the Ernst Giles road. Returning to Alice via the Stuart Highway. Maybe stoping for dinner at Stewart’s well.
Could possibly be a big day depending on the track conditions. Please be prepared with Recovery gear, food for lunch, lots of water, and enough fuel for the round trip(aprox 400km). Fuel will be available at Stuart’s well.

Trip leader James O’Connell


Flynn’s Grave Alice Springs


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