Dalhousie via Old Andado & Mt Dare

from 8:00am Sat, 1 Aug
to 7:00pm Mon, 3 Aug

by Bernhard Kuepper
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Outback 4WD Club
Dalhousie via Old Andado & Mt Dare
Trip Leader: Ian Clarke;
This trip should be a leisurely drive skirting the edges of the Simpson Desert, taking in some of the early pastoral settlement at Old Andado on what is considered to be the harshest, most difficult Cattle Station in Australia to manage. The distance to cover will mean that the focus will be the trip and getting to the destination. The trip will include gravel roads, sand, swamps, bull dust, rocks & traverse gibber plains, sand dunes & flood outs. Swimming in the warm Dalhousie Artesian Springs will be possible for those wishing to.
Distance; Alice Springs to Old Andado; 320 kms.
Old Andado to Mt Dare; 100 kms total 420 kms (possible via New Crown – 500 kms)
Mt Dare to Dalhousie & return 200 kms
Return Journey; Mt Dare to Finke; 100 kms
Finke to Kulgera 150 kms plus 24 kms Lambert diversion.
Kulgera to Alice Springs 273 kms bitumen total 523 kms return
Saturday 1st August 2020:
0800 hrs; Muster at Heavitree Gap for a 0815 departure. Air down to dirt road mid-range pressures, (25-35 psi).
0920 hrs; A quick stop to view the murals in the Santa Teresa Church.
1300 hrs; Lunch at Highway Bore. 1/2 hour allowed, depart 1330.
1400 hrs; Mac Clark Reserve to view the Waddi Trees.
1500 hrs; Old Andado, view the house & outbuildings.
1600 hrs; Peebles Bore to view some fossilised Unicorn Poo (as per the YouTube ad).
We may need to divert via New Crown depending on permission to travel via the floodouts & bulldust.
1730 hrs; Arrive Mt Dare, check in, order meals, relax, drinks & cheese in camp ground.
Sunday 2nd August 2020:
0800 hrs; Breakfast, (1st refuelling opportunity)
0930 hrs; Depart for Dalhousie ruins via Blood’s Creek, view the ruins, then move onto Dalhousie Hot Springs for a swim & packed lunch.
1500 hrs; depart for Mt Dare via alternate route. Campfire or Hotel Dinner.

Monday 3rd August 2020:
0800 hrs; Breakfast, (2nd refuelling opportunity).
0900 hrs; Depart Mt Dare.
1200 hrs; Lambert Centre of Australia for lunch. 1 hour allowed, depart 1345.
1430 hrs; Kulgera (refuelling opportunity). Option to have dinner at Stuart’s Well.
1730 hrs; Arrive Alice Springs.
• It is August, and temperatures out there can be 5 deg C either side of Alice Springs temps.
• Fuel to cover 450 kms maximum with some slow sand & bull dust driving is required. (Fuel Mt Dare)
• 10 litres of water per person per day is recommended, check & refill at Mt Dare if required.
• Prepared lunches and snacks will be required for Saturday, Sunday & Monday, Dinner optional Sat.
• Cabins can be booked through Mt Dare, please contact me on 0439 815 052 regarding meals. View website for your options and costs.
Mt Dare: Phone; (08) 8670 7835, Email;
Old Andado:


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