PFE Working bee and drive

Sun, 24 May
from 9:00am to 1:00pm

by James O'Connell
Posted: 2 months ago
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Time zone: Darwin
Reminder: 1 day before
Ends: 01:00pm (duration is about 4 hours)

We are having a working bee at the track as well as the opportunity to have a drive on some of the obstacles.
There are some obstacles that need some dirt moving to stabilise them as well as the club logo banner that needs reattached to the fence and a general tidy up of the area.
Should only take a couple of hours depending on how may people come along.
After this anyone wanting to can have a drive on the suitable obstacles.

Please bring along
Shovels, wheel barrow, rake etc if you can.
Recovery equipment if you want to have a drive.


Blatherskite Park


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