by Bernhard Kuepper
Posted: 3 months ago
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Time zone: Darwin
Reminder: None
Ends: 03:00pm (duration is about 7 hours)

Trip leader Bernhard Kuepper
Meet at 8am at Flynn’s Grave for a timely departure at 8.15.
We drive along to the road towards Hermannsburg and turn left into the reserve. There we can air down. After visiting the ruins of the homestead and the site of the bore we drive through the Finke River. Coming out of the Reserve we take Stuart Hwy to Rainbow Valley. There we can visit the clay pans and the mushroom rock. As we didn’t have much rain the rare plants will not be above the surface.
After that we return on Stuart Hey to Stuarts Well for a feed and chat. From there it’s individual return to Alice.
Bring plenty of water and some nibbles.


John Flynn's Grave Historical Reserve


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