24/09/16 - Getting to know your Vehicle


In the mid afternoon, several members and guests met in the comforts of a family backyard to go over what they knew, and learn about parts they didn’t know about theirs, and other 4WDs.

On display were different types of suspension systems – live axle, IFS, leaf spring and trailing arm, a great selection to learn from, and we had a block mounted poster that illustrated all the detail we needed supplied by TruTrac Tyres. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each, including what happens when one adds a lift kit into the mix.

After this, some of the little details that make our vehicles different were discussed and examined with the use of the creepers and jack stands from ARB.

A brief winch check and instructional session on how to use them followed and then we settled down to a BBQ and a camp fire into the evening. We will conduct more of these sessions in future according to the needs of the group.


Alice Springs, Northern Territory

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