Old Andado


24 July 2016 -

Two vehicles eventually left Alice Springs at 9.45 am on Saturday 24th July. John Mayberry in his Holden Colorado, & Ian Clarke accompanied by Dave Ives in the Ford Ranger. The Johnston’s had some F Truck issues and were delayed, but did eventually get away.

The first stop was Santa Teresa where we met Father Bosco at the Catholic Church to view the amazing murals painted by local artists on the interior walls. Father Bosco spent some time explaining the symbolism & spirituality behind these murals, then took us through the Spirituality Centre where local artists create some unique works. They have patented a stylised cross which they paint, & also hand painted silk scarves & other works.

Following this we continued past Allambi Station, through the edge of Ringwood, the North Western Corner of the Simpson Desert Aboriginal Lands, then onto Andado. We stopped for a latish lunch at Highway Bore, then left the road & headed east to Divinings Bore, Dead Finish, past Coulson’s Camp No 1, through to Olympic Bore for a look where they had recently mustered, dehorned & bangtailed some cattle. We then came back across the plains around Mac Clarke Reserve, past North Bore and looked at the Acacia Peuce.

We then continued onto Old Andado, collecting some firewood, arriving about 5.00 pm to a welcoming camp fire, the caretakers, & a handful of tourists. We joined them, Ian recited a 20 verse poem he had written about previous caretakers in 2009. The F Truck arrived shortly after, dinner, yarns, drinks followed.

Sunday was a relaxed affair, breakfast, a tour, then embarked at 11.00 am to Andado, firstly to try & find some brake fluid for the F Truck which had ruptured a line on the trip out. There was no one home so we continued through to New Crown, lunched on the banks of the Finke River, then returned to Alice Springs via the Old South Ghan Road. That was a big mistake, and we were all shaken to pieces, the F Truck without brakes, arriving in town about 1700 without further mishap.


Old Andado

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