Hail storm delays start to COT Rally


19 June 2016 -

With a freak hail storm and severe wetting down just one day out from the Classic Outback Trial (June 18-24, 2016) the first days racing was cancelled due to the treacherous road conditions. The organisers were a little down in the dumps about it all, so we found a way to bring some smiles to the event attendees in place of their racing.

A group of 8 vehicles gathered at short notice to band together and take out competitors and crew from the Midgley Motorsport team for the afternoon, to show them the sights that they would likely never have seen otherwise, as they were visiting from England and NZ for the event.

We ventured out to the ‘Razorback’ ridgeline behind the Road Transport Hall of Fame, for some spectacular views on a beautiful clear day. Following this, we moved to the northeast area of Alice, in local tracks off Undoolya Road. Some white knuckle moments for the passenger seat, and a few giggles as speed was replaced with technical off road driving. After enjoying the afternoon sun, we returned to Lasseters via the ‘back road’ and reappeared on the bitumen at Eagle Court.

45km in 4 hours. Nice lazy Sunday afternoon drive. Thanks to Midgley Motorsport and Classic Outback Trial for giving us an excuse to go offload for the afternoon.


Norris Bell Avenue, Alice Springs

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