BBQ on the hill


4 June 2016 -

Several vehicles drove up the widow maker on Saturday night and onward to the ‘lookout’ on top of the hill for a BBQ/camp-fire. It was a relaxing night; the sky was clear, the weather had finally cleared up after a few days of sporadic rain and the temperature was perfect for a camp-fire. Johno (who should be given the title of ‘Club Cook’ he-he) manned the BBQ and we all enjoyed a good feed, a few drinks and great company. Unfortunately, Rainer and co were forced to eat “rabbit food” (salad) after leaving their meat behind on the kitchen bench!

Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, except for maybe the poor couple who had set up a nice romantic camp-fire with a couple of bottles of wine to watch the sunset prior to our arrival, only to have their spot hijacked by seven 4WD vehicles. Whoops!

Looking forward to our next ‘hill’ event!


Flynn's Grave, Alice Springs

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