Outback 4WD Club - Photoshoot


2 April 2016 -

This afternoon we got a group together and met at The Road Transport Hall of Fame for a trip along the ridgeline, and a photo-shoot for some new brochures we’re in the process of designing.

The old brochures have been great, but seeing as though we’ve almost run out of the 1000 we ordered last year, we thought it was time to update them while we had the chance.

We’ve decided to slim them down to DL size, relocate some of the great info that was listed on them, onto the website, and keep the critical/relevant information.

In resizing the brochure, we needed new pictures to fit the profile, and wanted to take the opportunity to feature some more of our members.

It was great to have so many members turn up to participate, and a few new faces.

We’d planned for a quick trip up the hill, and to be staged in place before the sun started to set. One of our members in an X-trail had other ideas, and after a quick recovery to avoid them sliding sideways down the cliff-face, we all took our place and posed for some shots.


Norris Bell Avenue, Alice Springs

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