Easter Weekend - Yulara, Uluru, and Kata-Tjuta


28 March 2016 -

If you haven’t read the “Good Friday” post yet, go back and read that before you continue.

This weekend was a big one, all the off-roading happened on Good Friday, and the rest of the weekend was spent recovering, and then enjoying the serenity.

To re-cap: Friday evening, where Ernest Giles Road meets the Stuart Highway, one car out of our convoy headed back to Alice Springs, a little worse for wear.

Pancakes cooking at the campsite – Outback 4WD Club.

We set up camp on Lawn 17 at the Ayers Rock Campground. It’s a great spot, we can highly recommend it. Well kept grass, and a couple of nice tall shady trees to give some relief from a day in the sun.

Saturday, after a late start, pancakes for breakfast, and a a hot shower, we headed straight for the rock.

Leo left early, and kindly left his weekend park pass for another member of our group to take advantage of. Thanks Leo!

Everyone made their own schedules for the day.

We took the kids for a drive around the base of the rock. they were amazed at the grass that grows halfway up of the far side, and the ‘holes’ in the side of the rock. We sat in the ‘sunset viewing’ car park for a while and just stared at it.

Dianne took off with Graeme’s credit card for a few hours, and explored the town centre. Graeme was very relieved then she returned a few hours later.

Kirsten Johnno and Bella did the ‘Rim Walk’ around the base of Uluru.

Bella did the lap in style on her three wheeled bike with nice chunky tyres which managed well on the sand and gravel.

Saturday night we went to check out sunset over the rock. Photo’s can’t compare to seeing the beauty of the sight itself first-hand.

On the Sunday – Dianne and Graeme were early risers, and went on a sunrise camel ride.

The kids had an Easter Egg Hunt around the camp-site. They filled their pails with mini eggs, and thankfully, and responsibly, handed back their buckets when they had enough.

We enjoyed a BBQ breakfast of bacon and eggs.

While some of us had a lazy day, Kirsten and Johnno went out to Kata-Tjuta on the Sunday and did the ‘Walpa Gorge’ walk.

We organised an early dinner, and went out to Kata-Tjuta for sunset. After checking out all the angles, we settled for the sunset viewing platform.

We were molested by flies. We cant recommend enough to invest in those silly looking fly nets you see all the tourists wearing. They seem to be necessary when visiting Kata-Tjuta.

Easter Monday we packed up camp at a reasonable hour and took off home.

It was a very enjoyable stay at the Ayers Rock Camp Ground. They have great amenities, green grass, shade, hot showers, pool, playground.

We reached Erldunda, and ran into a few fellow Instagrammers – who had been following our journey, and recognised us from our vehicles / club logo on our stickers and shirts.



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