Sunday Session


16 March 2016 -

Three of us met at Flynns Grave and departed for the nearest off road obstacle, the Widowmaker. Once there, discussions were focused on the difference between suspension types, and after reviewing a new raised suspension setup for wheel travel, comparisons were made to the other two setups. Live axle suspension was shown to apply the greatest benefit offroad, with deferral to the independent fronts suspension for road travel.

We moved on to another obstacle north of town, to test the limit of our suspension, and our wits, as we found ourselves in a wheel raising, traction reducing, heart thumping set of lumps that raised at least one wheel several feet into the air.

With our vehicles thoroughly stretching their ‘legs’ and our limits safely challenged, we adjourned for the afternoon and returned home to think about just how good live axle suspension is off road.


Flynn's Grave, Alice Springs

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