Friday Night Frenzy


26 February 2016 -

Two teams were given a set of tasks to complete within 2 hours. The tasks ranged from operating a winch in a recovery situation, changing a tyre, driving on sand dunes to driving up the hardest track on the widow maker.

These tasks were required to be captured on video footage or photographs and posted to the Facebook page as evidence of task completion. What made this extra challenging was that the event was held at night, so a lot of tricky lighting was required to take camera footage.

The two teams consisted of Team Jeep – Steve (Jeep Rubicon) and Leo (Jeep Wrangler) and Team Johno – Johno (Ford F250), Sarah and Toby (Suzuki Vitara) and Matt (FJ Cruiser).

Both teams had a lot of fun doing as many tasks as they could within the 2 hour time limit and it was great to see all the photos and video footage from Team Johno on Facebook. Was a little bit tricky for the Jeep team as they only had 2 people, but it was still a great night had by all. Well done Team Johno!!


Alice Springs, Northern Territory

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