Valentines Day Drive - West MacDonnell Ranges


14 February 2016 -

Today we enjoyed a leisurely cruise out to Ellery Creek Big Hole, in the West Macdonnell ranges. It was nice to be able to cool off with a swim on this 40+ degree day and enjoy a BBQ lunch afterwards with some fellow 4WD enthusiasts.

We started the cruise off with 4 vehicles, a Toyota Hilux, a Ford F-250, an FJ Cruiser and a Suzuki Vitara. Unfortunately, the McCready’s Hilux started over heating on our way to Birthday waterhole after lunch, so they headed back to Alice early.

We went onto Birthday Waterhole, but didn’t quite make it there before the clutch on the effy gave out and Johno had to employ some bush mechanics (zip ties) to temporarily fix the problem.

So we turned back and headed to a nearby waterhole on the Hugh river and enjoyed another swim. Heading back to Alice, we had to pull over so Johno could employ some more of those zip tie tactics to Stephanie’s FJ to secure her inner guard from flapping away in the breeze.

Toby and Sarah in the Suzi had no troubles, no doubt owing to the cloud of love they were floating on after getting engaged yesterday – congratulations!


Hugh River, Northern Territory

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