Australia Day - Owen Springs Reserve


26 January 2016 -

5 vehicles met at the John Flynn Memorial on Larapinta Drive, and there were two clear front runners for the days ‘best dressed’ in Australia Day regalia. It came down to Johno and Leo, and Leo took the win with the 10 or 12 flags attached to every available space on his Jeep, as well as wearing a pair of stubbie shorts, thongs, and a singlet two sizes too small from 1985. A proud winner and another Australian decoration to add to his Jeep as a prize – a MaxTrax thorny devil sticker in the colours of the Australian flag!

We headed out at 9 and the Larapinta Drive leg passed very quickly, thanks in part to some Australia Day trivia over the UHF. Once we hit dirt, and with tyre pressures lowered, we made our way through Owen Springs Reserve to Redbank Waterhole for our lunchtime BBQ. Seems we weren’t the only ones thinking of Redbank for the day, as many vehicles passed our lunch location in the couple of hours we were there.

With lunch done and dusted, the remaining vehicles took a leisurely drive up the Redbank creek bed, returned to the bitumen on the Stuart Highway, reinflated tyres and returned home. A lovely day out, great company, and all home before dinner.


Owen Springs Reserve, Northern Territory

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