new years drive


2 January 2016 -

Today we went on our first four wheel drive trip for the year. Surprisingly, we managed to rustle up eight 4WD vehicles – I guess we assumed that most people would be too busy nursing their new year hangovers to want to go for a drive. But alas, eight vehicles rocked up, including three guests, two of which were new to Alice springs.

Everyone seemed to enjoy our leisurely drive through the Eastside tracks, which was accessed at the end of Eagle court. The views were amazing and we even encountered a bit of water on the tracks and managed to get a few cars dirty.

We ended up on Undoolya road and took the first right onto another dirt track that led to a low lying area with a bit of water. Eight vehicles soon became five, when two were involved in a rescue mission for a motorcyclist who came off his bike and one other decided to leave early.

We drove through the rolling hills, giving ourselves the chance to use low range, and the scenery was just amazing. The hills were a lush green after the recent rains and we even encountered a few lazing skippies munching on the rich grass.

The last stop for the day was the widow maker. Plenty of water on the track getting there and the hill itself looked nastier then ever.

Overall, it was a nice afternoon cruise and a great start to the New Year!


undoolya, alice springs

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