Local Track Series - Devils Night Run


30 October 2015 -

With a group assembling on the side of the road at the start of the track, we held the club banner aloft, to the toots and waves of passing vehicles. All finally gathered just as the light faded, and the trip commenced in the Lovegrove end of the track. We made our way in slowly, approaching each obstacle with care. The first was a simple up-and-down hill climb – a mere speed hump for capable off road drivers like us.

Then came the first real obstacle, a short jump-up with a few washed out holes in it. Some dust was kicked here boy a couple of the less-flexible vehicles, where traction was taken. Next came the ‘side scraper’. By now it was completely dark, and negotiating terrain by torchlight was fraught with danger for one (did I mention how hard it is to type with a stiff and swollen wrist?) and those wearing thongs were reminding themselves of their misdemeanour.

The challenge was to get everyone through without body damage. For the most part, this was accomplished. Clearance and traction were both challenged, and after some time, all were through the obstacle and on to the next.

A rocky trail ensued, and bobbing up and down was interspersed between tipping side to side, as we meandered along ridge lines infinitely more stunning during the day. The next place where scrapes were heard from a distance was a short, sharp hill climb. Approached carefully, all but one got through unscathed, with the Navara facing two ‘altered’ side rails, the hill claims another cosmetic accessory. Onward!

We reached the Widowmaker at 9.15pm and folks gathered to marvel at the terrifying hill that stood before them, before those with previous experience traversed said hill and made it look even more terrifying. Time to get home.

A thrilling night out. Perhaps the next time we face this track, it will be during the day. At least we know the sidesteps won’t be an issue anymore.


Lovegrove drive, alice springs

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