Sunday Sessions - Transport Hall of Fame


25 October 2015 -

We met at 12 at the iconic National Road Transport Hall of Fame south of Alice Springs, for a quick coffee, grab a drink and a bite to eat and head out to the crown land behind the Hall of Fame, and the ‘Razorbacks’ for some ridge riding fun.

We had a few extras than expected this time, and welcomed a group of US ‘locals’ to join us on our adventure.

After a group gathering for the vehicle lineup photo, we set to give everyone an initial taste of the terrain we were going to experience for the afternoon. Many rose to the challenge and made their way up a few steep inclines to test their mettle before heading for the ridge.

The weather was starting to warm up, 36 degrees in the shade, so we set off up the Razorbacks to be met with beautiful views and stunning landscape. Drivers were unable to enjoy a lot of these views, as the trail required considerable attention, with steep incline, decline, and side tilting off camber parts of the track, and it was all over in a few kilometres.

Not to settle for just one attempt at this ridge, we circled around the base of the ridge on both sides and approached it again from the opposite direction this time. Again the views were spectacular, and the trail challenges were reversed, and made for some firmly-gripped steering wheels.

Two laps of the Razorbacks and a fun circle around was completed in under 3 hours, and we bid our farewells after a pleasant afternoon and returned home to clear off the dust we wore with pride.

Until next time – a night run over the Widowmaker track on Devils Night (Oct 30) – Mwa-a-a-aa! (thats my dracula laugh).


Transport Hall of Fame, Alice Springs

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