Sunday Session - Wigleys Gorge / Waterhole


11 October 2015 -

We set off from Hungry Jacks at 1400 and made our way out to Wigleys Waterhole, a nice leisurely jaunt north of town to a easily accessible (very brackish) waterhole and after climbing over some of the rocks near the edges and taking into the scenery, we moved on to Wigleys Gorge, just a short trip further south.

Reaching this point gave members and guests a special bonus, as we were provided key access to the restricted zone that crosses over the riverbed and into the Telegraph Station Historical Reserve. Crossing the riverbed brought a sudden case of ‘bogged’ for the small Daihatsu, but after reducing some tyre pressure, it was able to complete with crossing with ease.

Travel through the Historical Reserve was easy and moved well, right up until we were stopped at the exit gate, at the other end of the reserve. The key provided did not access this gate and an alternate way had to be sourced to get around. Don’t worry, there was no damage to the fence line, there was however a small amount of damage to a vehicle negotiating the alternate route (it should buff out though)

The group proceeded south toward East-side via some lightly technical off road sections, and toward the end of the journey, the trips leader showed a gnarly section of track, not recommended for the faint of heart. Check out our Facebook for videos from the day kindly shared by our members.

We regrouped back at the bitumen and bid our farewells for the afternoon. Until next we meet.

Total travel distance @25km, travel time with stops @2.5hours.


Wigleys Waterhole, Alice Springs

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