Local Track Series - Eagle Court to Eastside


10 October 2015 -

We met up just before 2pm at the top end of Eagle Court, a warm afternoon to be out on the tracks. 4 vehicles, Setting off at precisely 2pm (I think thats a first!) we moved into the miasma of tracks that makes up the area behind the golf course estate. 5-600 metres later and we met our first obstacle for the day. A loose dusty hill climb with a few wombat holes up one side, and an articulation challenge on the track beside it. There was no easy bypass up this hill, and it proved too much for half the party on this occasion. The live axle vehicle made it up, the IFS vehicle with rear locking differential made it up, the others gave it a valiant effort, but the hill won on the day and the bypass around the hill was the path of the defeated.

Some undulating flat trails and a few nasty looking washouts later, the group had travelled to (way out) Undoolya Rd, before crossing and heading north. More undulating flat trails for a couple of km then a steady climb to a beautiful lookout east of town that should be experienced by everyone.

The road home showed us a split section of track, each with its own challenges. The more capable vehicles took the ‘scary side’, the others took the ‘slightly less scary side’, and all made it through without a scratch. We were on our way home by 1630.

Distance travelled = 25km from start to finish.


Eagle court, Alice Springs

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