Hamilton Downs - Recon Run


8 September 2015 -

This ‘recon’ trip was made possible by permission from landowners, Parks and Wildlife & permits obtained from Aboriginal land councils.

It was a small trip of three vehicles, with experienced drivers, to minimise our impact and reduce the amount of vehicles that would potentially need to be recovered.

This is a track that was reportedly impassable. (We like a challenge). We followed a track marked on the HEMA Navigator app for iPhone. It can be safely said that without this app, we would have never made it through.

There were sections where the track was completely invisible in the landscape. There was no ‘point of no return’ along the track, so as we progressed we were confident that we could turn around if required. The track was very narrow for the majority.

Thankfully, there was no damage to vehicles, apart from a large collection of “trail stripes”.

We made the 275km trip safely in 9.5 hrs.


Alice Springs, Northern Territory

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