Trip to Hale River Homestead in June 2020


9 cars and 11 people met at the servo at heavy tree gap on Saturday morning. We took a moderated Speed to allow for the limited fuel capacity of one of the cars on Ross Highway. The Jeep did take the lead to set the best pace. At the turn off to the dirt road to Arltunga we stopped to air down. Young Alison went straight on and the Radio did not reach her. I managed to catch up before we left the NT.
Back on the dirt road we aired down and continued on to the Arltunga Reserve. On the way Ian took the part Mike McCready usually takes and had a repair. The tyre was well and truly gone. We all chipped in with some muscle grease or quality control and then we were off again.
At Arltunga we headed to the graveyard. There we explored the last resting place of the people seeking their fortune in this unforgiving environment. Up the hill the lookout shows how more modern mining is done.
After a lunch break there we traveled on to Hale River Homestead. It was welcoming as always!
We settled in and explored the latest details added to the hearty feel around this place.
Peter and I took it on to cut down some firewood. Iron bark. It did burn well.
The next group activity was to go up to the sunset lookout. Boy did we get treated with colours in the sky painted on the clouds telling us a change in heather was coming.
Then we lit the fire and walked over to have dinner. This time on plates as no buffet is allowed.
But in the end we all congregated around the fire which was hot!
The camp fire did its magic and the stories kept coming.
In the morning a breakfast was taken and the decision made to return to Alice in two groups. One led by Ian took the Northern route and the other one wend back how we came with me.
All made to home safe.
Thank you Steve Dominguez for being our ground Charlie in Alice.

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