Sunset on the widow maker


All meeting up at the end of Albrecht for a departure.
Made our way through to the widow makers to continue further up the track for a look at the sunset.
Yours truly decided to do something stupid. This caused other members to continue on whilst James and Tash lent me a hand on picking up the pieces of a certain machine that took 5 or more roles down the hill to stop at the bottom (still running mind you). This is where the group parted ways. The rest of the group continued following Michael and Angel up the hill to the lookout to see the beautiful sunset, whilst James and I went back to my house to collect the ute and some supplies to pick up the pieces of said machine. Whilst this was happening Tashes beer was running low (should have brought a Darwin Stubby), back at said machine she was keeping an eye on. After we watched the sunset from the base of widow maker whilst loading up pieces, we continued up the hill to meat up with the rest of the crew. Upon arrival the machine decided to try and escape again of the back of the ute and go for another tumble. Luckily didn’t get away, we lifted the machine back on, located a few more spare tie downs. Afterwards sitting down to have a relaxing couple of drinks and nibbles before heading home via flynns grave.
Trip by Rhys Boehm
The stories of the machine will continue when yours truly comes to the next meeting with plenty of funds for said can.

Good night was had by all with great weather and company.


Flynn’s Grave Alice Spring

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