Jeep Go Topless Day


On a mild Sunday morning, during mid-October, a pack of 13 Jeeps and group of 5 other makes met up at the National Road Transport Hall of fame. After a few introductions, a bit of socialising and a short briefing we made our way out on to Razorback Ridge. Thanks to Steve for the suggestion of using the Razorbacks, a great track for the varying levels of driver experience we had on the day.
We had the Jeeps leading the way and “The Others” following closely behind with a large quantity of engine oil and diagnostic equipment.
The scenic drive along the ridge was excellent with a few sections giving some of the vehicles and/or drivers a bit of a challenge to pass through. The convoy made its way all the way to the boundary fence at the western end of the track before returning to the claypan. We lined all the cars up to try and get an aerial photo from the drone. Unfortunately, the spot selected was about 3 feet inside the controlled air space of the airport and the drone could not fly there so had to relocate for the photo.
We then relocated to the tree line at northern end of the claypan where Dan and Bernhard had setup in the shade and fired up the BBQ. The spot prizes were drawn, we all socialised a little more and everyone headed back to town at their own leisure.
It was a really great day, awesome to get so many Jeeps together.
Congratulations to the winners…
Alex – Light bar + spot lights (AutoSparky)
Steve – Recovery kit (ARB)
Peta – Spot lights (AutoSparky)
Jim – Rooftop tent (Desert Dwellers)
Jess/Johno – Underbody protection plate (ARB)

Thanks to…
Fernando for being our photographer/videographer for the day
Dan and Bernhard for preparing the BBQ
ARB, AutoSparky and Desert Dwellers for donating so many awesome prizes

James & Tash

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