Trip to Widow Maker from Lovegrove Drive


Trip report by Rhys Boehm

All met up and set off just after 1500.

Starting what was a hot day in the high 30s. With a few of us making our way along the track (with Bernard offering a little assistance to start off with due to me not driving the track for a while). On we continue to the side scraper with yours truly deciding to take the lead from there as I knew where to go from there. ( well mostly).

A few hills going over and it was apparent that a few cars decided to do a few funny things. We first started off with a certain car that decided to not move anywhere, with a slight clutch burning smell coming from the car. We decided to get him back on to level ground and let the car rest for 10 minutes with the battery disconnected. After then reconnecting the battery, turning the car on we had momentum again. Still not sure what was wrong, but we put it down to either clutch or gremlins in the computer. With that we had another jeep although running a little hot, but was still operating ok.

Thankfully we all managed to get to the widow maker ok and no more gremlins decided to appear and no more issues to arise. We then all decided to have a play on the widow makers with a few of us going up and down all the obstacles we decided to challenge ourselves with. With one particular track getting the longer wheel base cars held up due to the wheel base and loss of traction, and in my case articulation. It was decided that I would give up before I broke something. After having a play we all decided to make our way up to the lookout to have the bbq. From there several salads were brought out, thanks to those who made them, and a quiet evening was had with a glorious sunset and terrific weather was had and all enjoyed with each other’s company. From then we all departed after our lengthy chats and laughs.

Great fun had by all.


Lovegrove Drive Alice Springs

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