Lunch at Ooraminna Station


By Angelique Tassios
At around 11:15am 10 cars met across from the heavitree service station. At 11:30am we departed and drove to Maryvale rd. Once on the dirt we stopped for anyone that needed to air down. We continued on approx 25km where we turned off to the entrance of Ooraminah station. We drove up to the homestead and parked up. We then found our table and settled in ready for lunch. Lunch was a selection of yummy salads and stir fry and meat. Lots of great conversations were had whilst enjoying our yummy lunch. Too top off lunch sticky date was on offer for dessert for those who wanted it. After lunch we talked some more and enjoyed the beautiful weather and scenery. Once everyone was ready we drove to the film set where we parked our cars in front of the Junction hotel where we took photos. We then had a wander around the film set exploring. Once finished exploring we returned to our cars. Some parted ways and said goodbye as they were returning to town. The rest headed for the 20km sand dune. There lots of fun was had driving up the different dune tracks. I even had a crack driving up the dunes for the first time. The day came to a close and one by one we headed back to town. All in all it was a wonderful day with great weather,scenery and company. Thank you to all that came along and made this a memorable day.


Oraminah Station Old South Road NT

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