Drive and BBQ on Tin Can Hill and surprise


We met at the convention centre and took slowly off. It was the first drive for our new guest members Sue & David and Kristen. Kyal and Danielle took a quick detour to stock up with food.
Tash and James took the lead as their Jeep had no roof and so did get less dust exposure.
I took tail end Charly we were on our way.
We were joined by an unknown FJ40 and did find Tin Can Hill already busy with lots of cars and people.
So we continued to a flat spot and set up camp. The fire got crackling and the BBQ sizzling.
The movie ran just at the right time when the last light disappeared on the horizon over Alice.
The pick ‘Now you see me 2’ did string a cord with the audience. Kyal, Tash and James did keep the fire going.
Long after the movie was over we were still having great campfire conversations.
We all agreed that this concept is a winner.
Thank you everyone for joining and chipping in with the different tasks around the camp.

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