Tag along to Palm Valley and Boggy Hole


We started shortly after 7am. Dan was interested but unfortunately on call. So we drove alone. The path the Palm Valley was as usual. Since the last rainfalls a bit more ‘edgy’.
We did the 5km walk and had lunch at the picnic area.
Then we drove to Boggy Hole.
The sand was unforgiving. We ran into a vehicle from Victoria, which appeared massively underprepared. An all wheel drive city car. They had just finished to change a flat tyre with no apparent further spare.
As it was unclear what their intention was, we turned around at Boggy Hole to make sure that they made it out of the park.
They did. We then decided not to go back and rather be home early.
Great trip, nice people.
Next time with ? Camping.


Palm Valley NT

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