Boggy Hole 01/12/2018


Dan and I met at Flynn’s Grave. We then headed to the turn off to Boggy Hole at Hermannsburg. There we aired down. For the first part the tracks were good. At our first stop though Dan figured it out why this area is called ‘boggy hole’.
A bit of digging and two Maxtrax and he was free again. Over all the green colour was surprising. The rain has given the opportunity for a lot of growth.
At Boggy Hole we found some soft sand requiring low range. We then made the decision to continue on to Running Water and Stuart Hwy. At running Water we stopped for a cooked lunch.
Very late when we didn’t expect it any more we had to negotiate several very boggy mud and water pits. Back at the gravel road we headed back to Alice. After airing up the ride on the tarmac was almost unreal, even though the hwy is in bad condition.
At Stuart’s Well I contacted our Ground Charlie Steve that all had gone well.
Thank you Dan for a wonderful day in the Outback
Bernhard Kuepper


Boggy Hole NT

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