Play around the Widow Maker


Two Jeeps, one FJ45 and a SWB G Wagon met at Flynn’s Grave. We made it over to the Widow Maker. Everybody had fun going up and down the different tracks. We found the challenges even for good axle twisters and trained our abilities.
Each vehicle made it up. One has starvation issues which later explained themselves as an empty fuel tank. We had to give it a lift to the next petrol station. Luck we didn’t choose the longest way home. The G made it easy pulling. Bonnie had more challenges to brake his truck. At the petrol station his key for the tank lock was missing. We finally destroyed the tank cap and he filled up just before the petrol station closed for the day. His engine was then running smoothly. On second look the key was lying on the ground just closer to the rear of his truck. Hidden in plain sight. We must have stepped on it multiple times.
A nice evening with enjoyable activities.
Great bunch of people. Thanks to Tash, James, Leo, Vinnie for coming.
Bernhard Kuepper


Flynn’s Grave Alice Springs

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