Palm Valley


Three vehicles met at Flynn’s Grave and left on time. One could not join as the kids were sick.
We drove to the turn off to palm valley and aired down. From there on it was easy driving.
At the end of the road was quite a big car park. We geared up with water and started along the valley. Finally we made the decision to do the full 5km walk and it was worth it! One part was a bit tricky. I took the ‘in the water’ option and could secure part of our group.
Back at the cars we decided to drive to the rest area for a bbq. On the way we picked up a bogged wicked camper. The driver did not understand the mechanics and did have his hub locks open. After this was solved he burned his clutch getting out. Well , he didn’t break down as we didn’t come across him later.
The lunch was nice and then we cleaned the bbq up.
At the end of the dirt we aired up. Ray left for Alice as Mark and I turned into Owens Springs Reserve. The dirt road had just recently been graded and was smooth. After a stop at the homestead for my two passengers we finished the loop and made it well back to Alice.
Thank you everyone for joining, it was a fun trip.


Palm Valley NT

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