Camp Oven Dinner at Gem Tree 8-9/9/18


We met at Hungry Jacks for a 1.15pm start. There were only two in the convoy as others were rocking up a bit later.

The trip out to Gem Tree was uneventful. We arrived at Gem Tree, checked in, set up camp and then went hunting for firewood on the Pinnacles Road after a quick trip to the Mud Tank Mine.

We got back to camp and sat around the campfire with a couple of drinks while waiting for the rest of the crew to rock up.

We proceeded down to the camp oven kitchen at 6pm and met the rest of the crew. The staff at Gem Tree were extremely hospitable and the food was fantastic!

We even got a bit of the Chalmer family history in the form of an old boarding school advert from the 60s, which was quite interesting. Though the footage was not great, even the digitally remastered version!

The following morning we went our separate ways with some heading to Hale River for lunch and others back to Alice. The Johnos managed a flat tyre on the way home – one for the dobbers diary!

All in all, a great trip. Thanks to everyone who made it out there :)

By Kirsten Johnston


Gem Tree, NT

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