BBQ and Sunset Viewing at Potbelly Lookout


BBQ on the hill trip report
Tash and I had family in town and had plans for a BBQ dinner, some drinks and watch the sunset so decided to open it up as a club trip.

In the end six vehicles meet at Hungry Jacks to head up Undoolya Hill to the potbelly lookout. In the interest of getting up the hill in good time and start cooking we headed up the direct path rather than via the creek bed. A couple of spots on the track posed a small challenge to a few but in the end we all got up to the lookout with minimal drama.

At the lookout there was a fairly stiff breeze blowing but we set the BBQ up, opened a few drinks and everybody introduced themselves and got chatting. It was a good chance to mingle with many of the group meeting each other for the first time.

After I managed to over cook everybody’s steak we sat down to eat and realised one person in my party who’s only job was to bring plates had failed miserably. After dinner it was starting to get dark so a couple of vehicles decided to call it a night. By this time the the wind had died down enough to get a fire going so those of us left sat around the fire for a while longer chatting before heading for home.

All in all it was a nice relaxing evening that everyone seemed to enjoy.


Alice Springs

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