Clean Up Australia Day


We met at hungry jacks at 08.30 and headed out to the Eastside tracks. Most of the rubbish collected was during the first half an hour of the trip, picking up a load of someone’s domestic crap that they had dumped out in the bush.

We then proceeded toward Undoolya Road where we came across three burned out car bodies. Johno and Matt did a tip run while Jen, Kirsten and Mike stayed back picking up a lot of broken glass. It was getting quite warm by that stage. Once Johno and Matt returned, the three car bodies were dragged out and deposited down the road where the council can pick them up at a later date.

By that stage, we were all hot and grubby, so we unanimously decided to head to Club Eastside for some cold beverages and a spot of lunch. Thanks everyone who came out, it was hot, shitty work, but the Eastside tracks are now looking a lot better for it!

By Kirsten Johnston

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