Redbank Gorge


Meeting at Flynns Grave at 0945, 3 vehicles, David, Kirsten, Bella, Mike and myself left at 1000.

A little way down the track, had to pull over to diagnose just a minor problem of an air conditioner not working in a certain vehicle COUGH Johnno**COUGH**. Continuing on, some going back to the old natural aircon (windows down a little).

Arriving at around 1145 at Redbank, we pulled up and had a bite to eat before going for a walk down to the water hole. Getting down there a few photos were taken and a swim in the water was very welcoming yet a little chilly getting in at first, but once in was really nice. Particularly with the heat of the day. A little swim, and a rest before making our way back to the cars. One the way back we called into Glen Helen for a drink and an ice cream. Continuing on to Alice with the clouds moving in made it a good ending to a peaceful and restful afternoon. At the end a minor hiccup with yours trulies radio, and little disconnect and reconnect of the wires and was good.

Thanks all for the wonderful and relaxing day.

Link to photos:!AjD5e4FKd-WXhY0GQmdMlBxUYuuIzA

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