Spotter Training


A few Jeeps, a couple of Landcruisers, and a couple of Holden Colorados gathered to learn the ways of the Spotter. The eyes of a driver that cannot see.

We started with a little theory session before heading out to a favourite location in town to practice our skills, and those that needed the experience got a chance to guide vehicles through obstacles, refining the trust relationship that is all too important in a spotting situation.

Confusion in some situations created teamwork, and all vehicles were moved through harder sections without sustaining any damage (someone may have lost a mud flap due to their own driving) and no one was put in mortal danger.

The inexperienced learnt about how a vehicle behaves off road from watching and guiding, and this in turn gave them experience to help them drive better over obstacles. The highlight of the day was seeing a relatively inexperienced driver tackling an obstacle that has brought very experienced drivers unstuck, and drive it without any form of traction aid.

We finished our adventure by lunchtime, and everyone headed home to get out of the sun and heat of the day.

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