Bat Cave - Sand Dune


Meeting at 1130 for a 1200 departure.

A decision was made due to the rain, and the dangers of caving in the rain that we would still go out and have a look at the caves however that we would not be going in too far due to obvious risks. Arriving at the caves we all grabbed a few headlamps/torches and prepared to go in. Upon going in there were a couple of people there were having a sit down around a fire. Steve had been approached from the other couple that thought this was a sacred site. (steve could tell more on that).

Going in for a brief look. There was a notice from a few people of the temperature and humidity change within the caves. A little bit of crawling, walking sideways and encountering a few slippery surfaces. We all got a little bit of a look at what is to come when the weather permits us to go further. Until now we are left wondering.

Due to the short trip in, thanks to the weather, we made a decision to make our way down the fence line and come out on the old south road and go out and have a play on the 20km sand dune. Whilst a mild drizzle we let down our tyres and had a bit of a play. Steve started to dig himself in due to the soft sand from the rain. He decided to prevent getting proper stuck, use the maxtrax to get out. A few others having a go as well and a bit of a play.

I guess that the caves will have to be left to another day. The link of the photos are below. Im sorry they are a bit blurry but lighting conditions for the phone camera was not great. FYI. The fire was created by the other couple in which we had to extinguisher as they left it burning.


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