Harts Range Races


Four vehicles travelled out to Harts Range on Saturday morning to attend the 70th Harts Range Races. When we arrived we quickly set up camp and then made our way to the arena to watch the rodeo. We saw bull riding, horse back riding and pony’s bucking.

The dance was held the same night, however only Bernhard and Ali attended as the rest of us were enjoying the warmth of the campfire too much and were not far off sleep. Unfortunately, we had some inconsiderate neighbours where we were camping who felt the need to yell and fight for half the night, and car alarms going off. We highly recommend camping as far away as possible in future to avoid these issues.

The next day we packed up camp and joined in the family events, with the kids lolly grab and the tug of war. We watched some more of the rodeo and then headed off to Tower Rock, which is approximately 80km north of Harts Range via the Binns Track. It was well worth the extra kilometres to see this beautiful landform. Luckily for Calvin and Jess, Mt Swan opened its fuel station to allow them to top up on fuel.

Once we set up camp, we did the 800 metre trek to the top of Tower Rock to have a drink and watch the sunset. That night, we shared our campfire with some neighbours and had a good feed and a chat. We slept a lot better as well due to the peace and quiet, besides some intermittent snoring.

The next morning, we cooked up some breakky, packed up camp and drove on to the Box Hole Meteorite Crater. On the way home, we stopped for a refreshment at Gem Tree before making our way back to Alice. A good trip had by all.


Harts Range

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