Drinks on the Hill


Territory Day is July 1, and with it, come fireworks and general revelry that is associated with explosives. So what better an opportunity to go far away from the threat of random fires starting and head up to Flagon Hill for a couple of drinks over a small, controlled, campfire.

5 vehicles made the trip up in our small group, though it hardly seemed like a quiet evening, as several vehicles came nearby, some of which decided that lighting fireworks right next to us was exactly how we wished to spend our evening. We could see the chance of a fire suddenly arising, and we had already made preparations to extinguish our own fire for the end of the evening, 20L of water, shovel, and fire extinguisher at the ready.

Fast forward not more than 30 seconds, and our random visiting mob have started a small wild fire that is threatening to race up the hill and wipe out large sections of the bush. Steve jumps to action with the extinguisher and empties a 3kg cylinder to put the flames out. This ends their excited explosives foray and they skulk away into the night, three people in the tray of a ute heading down the hill.

The fire dies down, the evening comes to a conclusion, and a game 3 vehicles decide to take the ‘long way home’ via the widowmaker back track, via the step, the stepping stone – known for removing low mounted side steps with ease, side scraper, and spit rock (these are not official names, just ones that have been given to areas of the track over time). Careful driving and lots of accessory lighting makes for a safe descent to the end of Lovegrove Dr and we make our way home, smelling of campfire and second hand firework smoke.

Its only once a year (as I type this, there are still fireworks going off all around me – and its July 2 now) sigh


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