Recovery Training


5 vehicles met at Hungry Jacks, and after grabbing a quick bite and a coffee, we headed south, just out of town to the soft sand of Roe Creek. The aim of the day was ‘getting stuck’, and learning about different ways to get ‘unstuck’.

We discussed the different types of traction aids that modern vehicles are fitted with, and marvelled at the capability of the oldest vehicle in the group – a factory twin locked 80 series Landcruiser with a 8,000lbs PTO winch. The FJ got an opportunity to run the winch out. The Jeep finally got ‘proper’ stuck. The Trailblazer demonstrated its off road prowess with on-road tyres. The Colorado got snatched. And the 79 series Cruiser got a chance to use some of the new recovery gear in the back.

All was done and dusty by 1pm and we made our way home for the afternoon. Nothing broke, everybody learned something new, and it gave some ideas on the next driveway session to be scheduled.


Roe Creek, NT

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