MVR Weighbridge


At a bit of short notice, a few of us met at the north edge of town in the MVR carpark, eager to see what we weighed on the scales.

We discussed the differences between Tare Weights, Kerb Mass, GVM, GCM, ATM, GTM (lots of numbers that tell you how much weight you should not exceed), then it was onto the hot plate.

A Subaru Forrester towing a caravan was looking to be clearly the heaviest for the day, but in a surprise tie, the Ford Ranger (no caravan) was exactly the same weight (2.94t)

As an interesting turn of events, three adult males were enough to make an unladen 4wd over its legal GVM, a very sobering sight to see first hand. We adjourned for the afternoon and went home to reconsider just what we pack into (and onto) our vehicles.


MVR Alice Springs, NT