Sunday Session - Widowmaker Back Track


A bright and sunny Sunday morning saw occupants of 8 vehicles of all different makes and models meet at the carpark of Hungry Jacks before heading out shortly after 9am.

Upon reaching the dirt, we quickly realised the extent of the recent rains – aside from the green grass, there were parts of the tracks washed into a different shape than any of us had seen before. Passable, with caution.

The first obstacle turned out to be a branch, when one of the vehicles in attendance was unable to get underneath a branch hanging across the trail without stopping to renegotiate the line.

Spit Rock is the second obstacle, where many a wheel is lifted, and traction aids are put to the test. A few attempts from those with open differentials, and a variety of line choices depending on the setup of the car, and driver.

Side scraper is always a crowd pleaser, and those that have driven it are eager to go back and watch the next come through to ‘see how close they really got to the rock wall’. Some Ooohs and Eeeeks later and everyone was through with only a couple of cosmetic belly scratches to contend with.

The Step is a small but steep rise in the trail that presented a traction issue for a couple of vehicles, and a sky viewing thrill for everyone.

Green grass and recently flowing crossings were one feature, the other were the inordinate number of Golden Orb spiders taking residence either across the track, or right next to it. They ranges in size from normal to ‘nope’.

We reached the lookout by 11am and stopped for a moment to ponder the views, compare rides, take photographs (see attached) then it was off to the Widowmaker, all full of confidence with the trail behind us, and a game few tackled the various obstacles with relative ease. Some wheels lifted, some brakes shuddered, and some conjunctiva were exposed (the white bit of your eyes)

12pm came, and our event ended, with everyone heading back to town at their own pace for lunch.

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