02/10/16 - Jeep "Go Topless Day"


0845 Jeeps started arriving and automatically began lining up next to each other, as is the standard Jeep behaviour when they need to park. The total number of topless Jeeps came to 9, with 15 total vehicle participants. 7 new guests had joined us for this trip, and after a quick driver briefing and introduction to new people, a few photos, and we set off on our drive over the Razorbacks.

With drivers of different skill levels on the trip, we spaced experienced members around the less experienced and the only hurdles that needed to be cleared were minor operational issues like selecting the right gear and engaging low range at the appropriate time.

A particularly scenic section of the track gave an opportunity to capture some fantastic photographs, and the setup was worth the wait when you see results like these. The images will likely form new marketing and promotional material for the future of the club, so they will be seen again elsewhere.

The heat was surprisingly noticeable on this overcast day, and we were all happy to get to the BBQ for a cool drink and sausage sizzle under the shade, cooked by Steph and Ian, who arrived early to get the area set up and have everything prepared for when we got back.

Thanks go to Centralian Motors, our local Jeep dealer, for providing the BBQ supplies, to Steph and Ian for electing to stay behind and cook instead of come for the drive, and to Matt Wyatt for capturing some amazing photos.


Norris Bell Avenue, Alice Springs

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