Binn's Track: Old Ambulindum, Arltunga, Gentree


18 October 2015 -

The day started off like any other – the alarm went off…Johno farted, rolled over and went back to sleep… Needless to say, Kirsten was left to organise the day ahead…

Heavy Tree Gap servo was our pre-determined rendezvous point on this fine Sunday morning, chosen for its proximity to the Ross H’way and its sheer class.

We were astonished we weren’t the only crazy kids to get up early on a Sunday morning to go for a light four wheel drive. There were seven fourbies in total, the lead being the F250 and ‘tail end Charlie’ being the FJ Cruiser.

It was a good mix of people…young and old…all with a keen interest in four wheel driving and getting off our backsides and seeing a bit of this fine land we call Australia.

After a scenic drive through the east macs, the first stop of the day was Arltunga. We checked in at the tourist centre and read up on the history of Arltunga and marvelled at how people actually lived in the middle of nowhere in the heat of Central Australia just to dig for gold.

Moving on, we stopped at Old Ambalindum Station and checked out a hidden waterhole and enjoyed a nice lunch on the lawns.

We continued on Binns Track until we met the Pinnacles Road and drove North to Gem Tree. After tiresome amounts of gate opening and closing, we finally reached the Plenty Highway and made the short journey to Gem Tree where we enjoyed a cold beverage and/or ice cream.

It was a great day, with a good bunch of people.


Arltunga, Northern Territory

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