Trip to Boggy Hole, Running Water and Stuarts Well


We met at Flynn’s Grave and mustered up 9 vehicles with 15 passengers. After trip instruction we took off in direction to Hermannsburg. There we turned in towards Finke National Park to Boggy Hole. At the first bit we dropped tyre pressure and continued along the way. Rhys took the first opportunity to test his new recovery boards and he did well. We came across a lot of oncoming traffic throughout the day and multiple camping groups. The convoy did master all obstacles. On the way to the park we observed a massive are being burned and old trees having been destroyed.
At the bird lookout we did take lunch and diligently used the hand sanitiser. One car blew the aircon fitting and got fixed with cable ties.
On Ernest Giles Road we came across a couple who’s trailer had shed off all wheel studs and liberated the wheel. We conveyed their details to AANT at Stuarts Well. There we also took our dinner as one part of the group drove straight through to Alice. Once we arrived we did a lights check. Then all broke up and drove home.
Thank you all for a wonderful day.

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