Wiggly’s Waterhole


Trip report by Angelique Tassios.

4 cars in total joined the trip today . After leaving the meeting point we headed shortly up the Stuart highway and turned off onto one of the dirt tracks. There was 3 cars at this stage Rhys, Fernando and our car (Michael and Angel) when shortly later we were joined by the 4th car with Leo &Loraine. We explored a couple of tracks but due to time constraints we turned back and followed the main track into Wiggly’s. The 2 jeeps played in the puddles on the track whilst the other 2 opted to go around.We stopped off a the gorge first and had a chat and then headed off to the waterhole. Here we had more of a chat but due to the flies we decided to head back. We drove the dirt track back to the highway where Rhys and Fernando drove the bitumen back to town. Leo, Loraine, Michael and Myself opted to cross over the Stuart Highway onto the railway line track. We enjoyed our drive down the track meeting a runner and his dog along the way. The track lead down to the end of Smith St where we parted ways. All in all an enjoyable trip apart from the thousands of flies that wanted to hang out with us. Thank you to all that came along today and hope you all had a good time.

Thanks Bernhard picture to follow😊


Wiggly’s Waterhole

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