Chambers Pillar


We met at the petrol station south of heavy tree gap. From there we drove down old south road. On the dirt we aired down and continued.
At the turn off towards Rhodinga the group admired the displayed artefacts and took the opportunity for a group foto.
On the sandy bit towards the pillar the sand flag came to its own and was seen just in time by oncoming traffic. Both vehicles were slow on the crest and a head on collision was avoided. The oncoming car had a red flag tied to its areal which was useless.
We parked up at a very busy campground. From there we walked the tourist walk and found new steps had been installed at the bottom climb. Very nice.
Alison took position on a hill watching over us with binoculars.
Back at camp the fire was attended by Kyal in best possible ways.
Everyone cooked their dinner. Rosie did a damper to share.
Alison recited her latest poem by heart, amazing ladies!
The ‘soft’ group headed back to Alice around 20.45. Brenton, Kyal and Danielle stayed to brave the elements.
Our group reached The Alice around 23.00.
It has been a nice trip and good company.
Thank you everyone who joined on the trip for your company!
Bernhard Kuepper


Chalmers Pillar NT

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